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Friday, March 11, 2011


I love bread; no I’m not talking about the musical group Bread even though I do enjoy their music. I’m speaking about the stuff we make sandwiches with, love the smell of when baking in the oven and makes us feel safe and warm. My birth mom use to make home made bread when she felt good and I loved it as a child and I have warm fuzzy memories of those rare occasions. Lately, I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at making bread, I especially love artisan bread and would love to learn to make it. I received a magazine from the cooking club with articles in it on how to make artisan bread. Eureka, I felt a slight twinge of delight of lollipop fantasies of me making my own artisan bread. I would love to make a healthier version instead of using the bleached white flour, maybe try combinations of healthier flours, I don’t know if it’s possible but I want to try. To top it all off, a few ago my mom (the one who chose to become my mom) gave me her old 60’s mixer. It’s in wonderful shape and I use to make things in it and have warm memories of using it. I believe the universe is talking to me, “Jamie, it’s time to make bread now, so get off your duff and do it.”  So if you come by my house and there’s flour all over the counter top, you hear a mixer whirling, you’ll know why and what I want to accomplish. Now I just need to get off my duff and do it, instead of letting the sick mind of mine telling me that I’m crazy or I can’t do it. Well I’m off, I won’t be making it today, busy weekend, but hopeful when I do my next shopping trip I’ll have different types of flours in my cart to experiment with. Has anyone used any type of flour besides bleached white flour to make bread? If so, let me know how it went and if it’s good or not I would love to hear your triumphs.

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