A great journey in progress!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Me From The Inside

Went and got another CT Scan at Vancouver Radiology. A surprise they gave me a photo copy of my scan. I find it a miraculous thing to see my brain, throat, and spine. Am hoping to be having surgery to cure my breathing issue sometime in May.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Digging For My Stash

Am up early this morning, planning on getting a few things done to prepare for my upcoming surgery. This week on Jorge Cruise, I backslide and didn't loose anything at all. Loads of stuff overruled my mind and that took over. When mindful of what I'm putting in my body so many good things happen. Step three has become a soul searching quest to find something else to do besides stuff my face when faced with the unknown and the frustrating obstacles that seem to appear out of thin air. Now onto new a better things and burying new nuts to dig up later. Watched a squirrel digging up his/hers old nuts from the winter, made me think are they still edible? Hmm, a good question, truthfully how many things in my life have I horded, from emotions, to people, things, and old habits and then they become stall, not useful, and just plan old rancid yet we still use them, eat them, and allow them around just because we horded them and feel bad about being wasteful. What kind of thinking is that? Not very healthy. So, realizing this some deep soul searching and reveral of choices has become another focus in my life...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Springs in the air, love the smell of rain on a spring day. Smells clean, a since of renewal clings the flowers, grass, roads, cars, and everything the drops hit. Took these photos at my mom's house. I have fond memories of walking home from school and seeing all the tulips, azaleas, and daffodils waiting for me to get home. I received a phone call this afternoon, have to go get another CT Scan. Somehow they took the x-ray in the wrong spot. What can you do. Still waiting but hopeful.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Something Fun

Your Orchids Say You're Very Elegant

You are exotic and intricately beautiful.

You possess a unique grace that's both delicate and strong.

You are thoughtful and refined. You are the definition of class.

Some people may find you unapproachable, but it's only their lack of confidence speaking.


Finally finished a book I've been reading since December, "Excuses Begone!" written by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Dyer gave me a lot to analyze and to contemplate through out his book, many of his insight about memes shook me up. For example: the excuse, that's just my nature, truly if you wanted that part of yourself to change you can do it. I'm tending towards believing him about excuses and using them as crutches so you can stay stuck in unproductive behavior patterns and just to have some thing to bitch about to others and to beat yourself up over, instead of just saying hey, I've got the power to change this because I'm from the divine source that made me. So, considering all this, I've taken steps to be the divine creature I've been born to be. step one, conquering the breathing issue that's been perplexing me for two years and taking the necessary steps to do what needs to get done. Went to get a CT scan today, and next Tuesday will be an appointment with the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist to remedy the problem. Surgery, where he will remove the section of my throat where the scaring is and reattaching it. I believe this is the right choice for me. I'm amazed by the way everything seems to be coming together and no problems are presenting themselves. My family is coming together and rallying to support me. Step two, starting the Jorge Cruise "Belly Fat" eating plan. I've been eating this way for a little over two weeks and the results are truly amazing to me. Though today, I have cheated, by eating tater tots today, but not that many of them. Wanted some comfort food, because of the ordeal with the CT scan, not fun to have done, but made it through. Though, I've only made two steps so far, am hoping to make many more. Read Dr. Wayne Dyers' "Excuses Begone", it's truly a life changing read.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Belly Fat Cure Diet

Two weeks ago I started the Jorge Cruise Belly Fat Cure Diet along with my sister Carri. So far, I've lost nine inches and ten pounds. I'm very pleased with the whole process and the results, it's easy to follow and do, not hard at all. Here's an example one of his recipes on youtube.com. Also Jorge Cruise has a website with great information.