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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Planet Earth

Watched the BBC "Planet Earth" disc three today. Wolves were shown on the "Great Plains" episode, along with some beautiful creatures. Amazing how all these creatures survive and live thru all sorts of disasters and enemies who are out to feed off of them.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lips Unsealed

Just read Belinda Carlisle's memoir "Lips Unsealed" about her life, her thoughts, and her miraculous healing from addiction from drugs and alcohol. I love Belinda Carlisle, her style, her attitude, her voice, and most of all her ability to transform herself. So, was surprised by her expressing a lack of self worth and esteem. Personally, and I'm sure not the only person who believes this, but she's a beauty. I enjoyed her memoir a lot, and felt that she was being real about her life, not unlike some memoirs you read and you feel that the person is not being real about anything. It's a great memoir and worth the time to read, especially if you are a fan.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Loving My Planet

I'm watching disc two of the BBC Planet Earth Series. This disc includes "Caves", "Desert", and "Ice Worlds". I absolutely love the two discs of this series that I've seen so far and can't wait until the other three come my way. Despite the anger that I'm feeling about the oil spill and the selfish, thoughtless acts that BP has done to our resources. I cannot help but in awe of our planet and all the critters, humans, and plant life that's all around us. We are stewards of the planet, so shouldn't we be respectful and nurturing to it? We do have to live here and we are suppose to be the smartest species, sometimes I do wonder if that's true. Anyway, just a small reminder to be nurturing to myself and to the other living things on our planet...

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Most Powerful Computer

The Brain... Amazing how powerful that walnut looking body part is. Every part of our body is controlled by some cortex of the brain and then we don't think about the care or maintenance required to sustain our lives. You are considered dead when you're brain is not functioning, even when your heart is beating, you are still gone. You are off line, not connected to your body anymore. The reason I've started on a rambling musing about the brain centers on the fact Saturday I went to a seminar with my sister Carri and several women discussing abuse, trauma, and development of the brain. And guess what happened, my fascination and curiosity followed. The speaker Partricia Warford captured my intellectual mind with her entire speech. I never realized how we developed in the womb, and how soon we actually start connecting outside the womb. Ten days after conception we start noticing, hearing, and feeling our mother. We can hear her, even thru all the gunk, we hear her. Then at three months your hearing is even stronger and you start recognizing outside, such as your father or siblings and we are drawn to that relationship. That's amazing to me. That helps our brain acquire language skills. Language I learned, is centered in the part of the brain that our emotions are in. So emotions and language are so connected. Warford got me to analyzing myself in so many ways and how to nurture your brain for healing and especially from the trauma sustained thru life. No wonder so many problematic fractures such as PTSD, RADS, and others have happened. Food for thought, food for considering the importance of nurture becomes to individuals. I took so many notes, but want to do some more research before sharing them all. So more posts will eventually be written.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Book Giveaway

My lovely sister Joy generously is hosting a giveaway on a book titled "The Cast Aways" GO sigh up for the chance to win a new summer read.


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Grace And Gratitude

Olivia Newton-Johns starred in the DVD that I watched by Deepak Chopra "The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success", she wrote and sang on the DVD and brought back the fact that I love her and her music and her spiritual journey. I want her CD "Grace And Gratitude" and will get the CD soon. The Chopra DVD is very good and inspirational, informative, and challenging.

Up In The Air

Last night before dreamland, I watched George Clooney's Movie "Up In The Air. Absolutely, loved the movie, could be simply that George Clooney charm and talent brings a certain quality to the story or the fact, that the story hit a certain spot. It's both, at least to me. Watch this movie and enjoy humor, tenderness, romance, and love, all sorts of love between all the individuals involved, that quality made the story stand out the most to me.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Appreciating My Planet.

While sitting and healing, started watching "The Planet Earth" series that everyone raved about a couple of years ago. Finally, am watching and must say that I'm absolutely in love with the my planet and the way they have filmed it. Have to admit I've only seen disc one of the series and am so excited to get the other four discs from Netflix.