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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dog And Butterfly

A dream of mine came true Sunday night, I saw Heart live. I love Hearts' music, ever since I was a young girl and there first album "Dreamboat Annie" came out in 1976. I remember my sister Vickie and I singing the song "Dog and Butterfly" together. I wish my sister Vickie could have been there with me, but she was unable. Journey was awesome too, even the new lead singer gave his all and pulled it off. I enjoyed singing along to all the words with my friend Amber and seeing Ann and Nancy perform live... You girls Rock!!! Thanks for sharing your talent...

How I Am Feeling!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Craving Nature

I am reading Diane Ackermans' book "Cultivating Delight", I am enjoying it, especially since I am not able to go out and enjoy nature at this moment, I am sick. Ugh!!! I took this picture this summer, when my sister Vickie came up for a visit for two weeks. The Cowee Man River is a beautiful place. I love trees, the bigger, the better they are.

Oh Take Me Way!

I am sick, I hate it. I am coughing, my lips dry, my nose stuffed, my back aches from laying in bed, I can't lay down, because when I do I cough and cough and I can't stop. I am in a terrible mood. I did go to the hospital on Saturday, only to find out I have some form of pnemonia and it sucks, I wish the anti-biotics would kick in and heal me. I need a miracle. I am asking for a miracle here.
My friend, who is going to Belgium, leaves tomorrow, I am babysitting his cat and his apartment for the two weeks he will be gone. The trooper in me, plans on still doing this, despite how I am feeling and I am going to do it. I just wish this would go away so that I can enjoy his big screen TV and my visit with Mr. Man (his cat) while he is away. I don't have any critters of my own, so I am looking forward to this time with Mr. Man. I also want to say farewell to my friend...
I hate staying in bed all day, doing nothing, but looking at the walls, coughing up my lungs, and making treks to the bathroom. The pleasure of the internet is not fun anymore too. Even reading, which I enjoy, is a chore to do. Yet, I started Diane Ackermans, Cultivating Delights. I am enjoying her stories about her garden and the deer that visit her garden. For a few moments, my mind is off of being sick, then, wham! I start in on this coughing bit, my stomach hurts from all this cough, I swear, I am building up my abs, by coughing. Hey, that can be the new exercise fad that can go around, coughing to build up your abs. Can you see the info commercials now? Sorry, I'm in a bit of a mood today, actually for the last few days.
I will stop for now, before I say something even worse... I wish everyone good health...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am sick in bed this fine day. So, I am missing the green trees and being able to be outside in nature.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hopes & Dreams

Shattered they've become.
Hope still blossoms.
The wolf rests peacefully.

Sunday Serenity

Abba music brings me serenity and joy into my life. This morning, as I am writing my morning pages, I am listenig to Abba. Take a chance on me,
Dancing Queen, Fernando, Knowng me, Knowing you, all awesome songs. Thank you to Monte for making a CD copy of this cd for my collection...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I took a trip to my local library, I got tired of sitting at home, feeling sorry for myself. So, I went to my library, looking at the stacks of books that were their ripe for the picking. I went a strolled down the spiritual/religion section and I got five great finds. I'm looking forward to reading these sacred books. I also got a fiction novel to read too, for a total of six...

1. Sacred Spaces: Carolina da Silva

2. Life's Little Rituals: Alexandria

3. A Mystic Garden: Gunilla Norris

4. A New Earth: Eckhart Tolle

5. Wise Women: Susan Cahill

6. Skylight Confessions: Alice Hoffman

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom is on my mind today, I've thinking about her, missing some of the good things about her, and also contemplating how much my life truly changed in the course of 21 years since her passing. I just finished the 6th grade, and I moved to Longview, Washington, to be with my sister and her family. Looking on it, grieving, contemplating, and an overwhelming sense of loss, waves over me like a banner. Though, I do have to say, from every experience I have learned many valuable lessons in my life. That life throw unbelievable sadness and happiness at different times in ones life. Every experience, somehow shapped me into the person I am. Somehow, that blunt, bulldog, tiger girl's been lost. That is one of my greatest fears, to become and die like my mother did. That is what I am thinking of today, my mothers life and death, and the many adventures I went on in my life. I feel like a great explorer, roaming around, observing things.
When I look at the kaelodescope of my life, I see every shape, color, and demension of the people who have become a part of my life, some are still here, some are gone. Each one holds a key that unlocks a door, showing, behind the door new ways of viewing certain situations in my life. An example: I went from a single mother, who became besieged with mental problems, to a sister whose house elapsed into the drug haven of the whole city of Longview and beyond, to a fundamentalist sect Christian family, to a man who loved Elvis and nothing more. All these experiences somehow became a part of my foundation, one that I am not ashamed of anymore. I can't be, though at times it shook it, crumbled it, I still didn't break, I didn't die, I didn't became a blob of nothing. I stood it, and yet I still have my humanity. I am appreciating my blunt perspectives, my compassionate, genrious nature, and also the tiger that I am when I am fighting for someone or something I love. I can't change who I am...
I've always told everyone that I don't know who I am, the fog is lifting that I've been in for so long. It is possible to love yourself and to love others the same... Balance can be reached.

Book Giveaway

Joystory is hosting a book give away from Hachette books. The books they are giving away look rather intriguing, especially the ones on leadership... Go check it out...